Top Digital Marketing Skills in 2019

Top 7 Digital Marketing Skills to learn in 2019

How can you increase the traffic on the web?

In 2019, Trend in Digital Marketing is changing rapidly. Countless marketing strategies are implementing by Digital Marketers. Now it’s hard to find your audience on the web where the strategies are different to make your website on Rank #1.

If you observe this graph, the websites on the web right now are 1,630,322,579. We all know the digital space is crowded and finding the right audience is not easy. Here we are going to tell you what skills you need to rank your website in 2019.

You don’t need to compete with billions of websites on the search engines. Just compete with your niche. You need to find the right audience with the right strategies that help to make you the master in 2019.

Some of the most basic ways to grow your business are reasonably-priced and can be made to fit within many budgets. Digital Marketing skills will boost their social media presence and becoming the Skills as Best platform for increasing any type of business.

However, is your marketing team equipped to optimize each of these channels that will help boost your long and short-term revenue? From Google AdWords to content marketing, here are the 7 digital marketing skills that will connect consumers with your brand.

Change your SEO Strategies  for 2019

Only text in your Blogs and Articles looks boring, try to add Graphs, Infographics, GIFs, Videos and Podcast. That makes your blog interesting and the increase the time of the visitor. Try to understand the need of your audience and relate your content with that.

The more you write the unique, attractive and long content that will increase the duration of the visitor.

Ah, the good old days – when advertising on Google was a low-cost way to reach a broad swath of your customer base. Today’s search engines are charging top dollar for exceptional placement on the search results page. It’s not unusual for businesses to pay upwards of $2 per click, with top keywords going for $20 per click (and more!).

When your search engine ads aren’t optimized, you can quickly eat through a modest budget and not have a lot to show for it. SEO, in a nutshell, is the name given to activities that attempt to improve search engine ranking. Your SEO skills would purely focus on the increase in your website’s visual visibility in an organic search engine results.

SEO happens to be the Favorite Skill among Digital Marketing and one can get the majority of traffic from Google for their business. The best thing is that it encompasses most of the skills in Digital Marketing. It is one of the best and Top Digital Marketing skills one can learn. There are many facts for SEO as a Best Digital Marketing skills, from the words on your page to the way other websites link to yours.

One thing that should be highly noticed is that the SEO is not just about building the search engine-friendly websites for Digital Marketing. It is all about improving your overall website for people too.

Some of the essential skills for the modern SEO skill includes:-

  • Strong analytical mind
  • Strategic perspective
  • Clear understanding of best practice tactics (on page, off page, technical seo, local seo)
  • Basic HTML Coding
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Online Brand/Reputation Management
  1. Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is not anybody’s cup of tea. The skill sets mentioned above are just glimpse of a bigger picture. These skill sets are not just for the experts. A person who is just what he/she wants to create a blog or a webpage should at least learn some of these skills in 2019 to make there self as a Best Digital Marketer.

The SEO Best Practices that keeps it the best skill of Digital Marketing.

The Keyword stuffing is a practice by which one can learn the time which has now expired, thankfully! According to Search Engine Journal, optimizing your content for relevance is one of the most important tactics for driving traffic to your website and brand properties. Organic searches often represent a major part of your internet traffic and are often the most cost-effective way to get new prospects and customers in your virtual doors.

  1. Social Media Marketing

The Organizations that want to implement their digital marketing strategies are always on the lookout for the ones with social media marketing skills because it will boost their social media presence.

Social media has evolved into a formidable force, and companies want to leverage this power to drive brand awareness, traffic to their websites, connecting directly with target audiences as well as improving lead generation and sales.

Even though some social media powerhouses have experienced downfalls like hi5, etc, social media is still considered a game changer and is here to stay.

A couple of things you should have up your sleeves include:-

The Marketing Ability to use the platforms for the content positioning and get the best results out of it.

The Proper understanding of the right audiences and knowing the right content to put in front of them.

Harnessing the power of industry leaders and influencers whose influence would increase your company’s brand awareness.

Recognizing the pressing needs and pain points of your target audience and producing relevant solutions via content and products.

Presenting offers in a subtle way without it feeling intrusive.

The Development of a deeper connection with your audience and building loyal fans around your brand.

The Social media marketing (SMM) involves networking, influencing, listening and definitely selling. You must need to master all about SMM that how to use different social media channels and distribute for your company’s content assets to these channels

  1. Cost-Effective Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media can be an extremely expensive proposition, especially if you’re not careful to target advertising to your core audience members. Broadcasting a message is great for mega-brands, but small businesses need to be selective when creating audiences for social media advertising. That said, anecdotal evidence shows that you can significantly increase foot traffic to a local business by casting a narrow net on social platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Without a thorough understanding of how filters and audience searches work, you may find yourself overpaying for advertising that doesn’t give you the ROI that you need.

Media Buying and Traffic Acquisition Skill in Digital Marketing

These days everyone wants traffic and are willing to hire a specialist to handle that part of their marketing that will drive traffic for more leads and sales.

Is this the skill you have in 2019? Well Congratulations!! You have job security.

This skill set brings you closer to the nitty gritty of how money is made in the company and this makes you indispensable. What then does it entail and why is this skill so important?

As a Media Buyer, you are responsible for negotiating, purchasing, and monitoring of ads – this means that you must be able to spend just enough to bring in loads of leads and sales.

To achieve this, you should be armed with the following:-

A good understanding of paid traffic and how to use it for building relationships before attempting to sell to your target audience.

The right platform for the ads via the market research with a bid to target the right audiences.

The Sound of the knowledge on the adjectives which associated with advertising such as “display”, “third-party”, “mobile” , search” and “native”.

A good knowledge of when and how to use ad pixels.

By transforming the raw data into the meaningful metrics such as Cost per Transaction, Average Customer Value and so much more.

Linking the design campaigns over the ensuring synergy with other to make marketing efforts work. Companies do not hesitate to invest in Media Buying because it is the driver of sales and lead generation and become the Best Digital Marketing Skills of 2019. The success of paid advertising strategy is important for running of profitable e-commerce business.

  1. Content Marketing

Another Top content marketing skill is Content Creating in Digital Marketing. I am sure you’ve heard the saying that “Content is king,” This is true because content forms an integral part of any digital marketing strategy.

The way content is written in itself has evolved over time.

In the past, content writers were mostly concerned with writing for search engines. In recent times, however, you must be able to write to capture the short attention of your reader. Your content must be engaging and directed to attract a unique target audience in the populace and get them to take a specific and measurable action such as getting on a subscription list or making a purchase. The major focus should be the creation and distribution of the engaging content across the variety of platforms which makes it the Major skill of Digital Marketing in 2019.

What you should put in your mind before using content marketing as a Best tool skill for Digital Marketing as in:-

Engaging and informative blog posts to segment potential audiences

Brand awareness and education via podcasts

Lead magnets, info graphics, social media updates and white papers that present your offers and introduces your company are focused on Content Marketing as a Digital Marketing skill.

The other Resources and the webinars to educate your audience and surveys to evaluate their choices.

Customer’s testimonials and their stories that will influence the prospects on buying decision. Now one can picture all those different pieces of the content working together to lead your visitor from awareness to sales. This, right here, is a part of a feature of Best content marketing.

It’s much more than just writing content. You are be able to create and distribute epic resources that would turn a complete stranger to a buyer. If you easily can Master the content marketing skill for 2019 then as a subset of digital marketing, your service would always be in high demand, and you will be able to key into the never-ending opportunity in the digital marketing space. When your advertising and content marketing are cohesive, you’re drawing people in with compelling content that paints your organization as a thought leader in the field that you want to dominate the content marketing skills

  1. How Understanding Analytics = Marketing Analytics

When they are used properly, marketing analytics can help drive better decisions and used to name among another Best Digital Marketing Skill and provide a competitive advantage for your business. Unfortunately, some organizations are overwhelmed with data and aren’t quite sure which numbers are most relevant for their needs. Having access to someone on your team or with a partner who has a deep understanding of marketing analytics allows you to be more effective at digital marketing:

Micro-targeting messages and offers to audiences based on location, demographics and buying patterns

Research the most effective ads and tuning them in to supercharge your advertising ROI

Improve your overall online customer experience by reducing friction points and smoothing ordering processes

Analyzing market gaps with an eye towards new product development

  1. Video Marketing Skill

You should capture the attention of an audience via storytelling 2– nothing tells a story better than a video and Video Marketing Skill will be the Latest Digital Marketing Skills. The Video marketing is a niche and carved from content marketing requires highly specialized skill in creating engaging videos that shows your story to your target audience and this skill won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

With this new features for creating sharing and engaging videos on platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook under the skills of video marketing is a highly rewarding strategy if they used it properly and are a must for building digital marketing efforts.

What you should know as a Video Marketer:-

You should be able to take advantage of demos, interviews, testimonial and different storytelling styles and mold them to meet the needs of your target audience

Examine new strategies for using new apps and other platforms to deliver the right form of content.

Ensure that video descriptions and tags are optimized for search engines with the right keywords.

Working knowledge of editing videos and producing animations that will keep telling interesting stories anyone can relate to.

Video marketing has become one of the Most powerful strategies in digital marketing, especially in 2019 that shows a record high of 78% of people watching videos online (Hubspot). So, whether it’s visual storytelling for strengthening emotional connections or engagement levels with the audience you are aiming for, its video marketing to the rescue!

The impact videos have on brand development and sustenance has made it one of the hot jobs online today.

  1. Email Marketing

This is a truly not exactly a new thing, it is already famous among marketers in the digital sphere but it is yet another Best skills that makes Digital Marketing a new wave.

It essentially needs a deep understanding of the target audience and close interaction with them by sending out super targeted emails to inform, educate and engage audiences with the business.

Having this skill set translates into being able to:-

The proper Understanding of the strategy on which email automation is based and knowing where to use it in a funnel.

Ability to develop relevant headlines and hooks.

A thorough measure and analysis of click-through rates, conversions, open rates engagements, deliverability, trends as well as other anomalies.

Coordinating the campaign assets and ensuring timely schedules of emails.

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