Best Marketing Platforms to Promote Brand Online in 2019

Best Marketing Platforms to Promote Brand Online in 2019, Platforms for Online Brand Building.

Any business, large or small, engages in marketing and promotional activities in a number of ways. Traditional platforms for marketing and promotions have mainly been limited to print media, television and the radio. However, the advent of the internet and social media in particular, has largely changed the way businesses approach and develop marketing strategies and consumers take notice of viable brands, products and services. It’s truly the age of digital marketing which brings about the urgency to understand online brand building and the various online platforms that are most effective for brand building.

Let’s have a look at them:

Search Engines for Brand Building

According to studies conducted by Kantar IMRB, a leading market research agency, internet users in India are due to reach epic numbers in the proximity of 687 million in 2019. Companies known for the best digital marketing services and the best SEO services, will tell you that your target audience for marketing and promotions is among these 687 million internet users in India. So how does a company reach out to its target audience among 687 million internet users in the country; only the best SEO companies have the foolproof ways to do just that. Brand building is bolstered by brand visibility and when your brand enjoys viable search engine rankings on Google and other search engines owing to the skills of SEO experts, you stand to gain from increased online visibility.

The roots of SEO go even deeper and the foundation for SEO is in the website building and designing stage. You probably already know that your website is a virtual representation of your company but there is more to it than what meets the eye. For example; the best website designing company specializes in search engine optimized website design that gives your website the edge over your competitors’ websites, in terms of better search engine rankings.

Social Media for Brand Building

As of July 13th 2017, Facebook reported 241 million users in India and while these figures are just limited to one social media platform; they do provide key insights into social media penetration in the country. For businesses, this is a marketing opportunity that cannot be ignored. Fortunately, digital marketing experts can help businesses harness the people power of social media to facilitate growth and increase in revenues through effective brand building endeavors. Your brand’s target audience is likely to be on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at this very moment; the question here is, are you doing enough to reach out to them?


Ecommerce is not only an option for viable online brand building but also opens doors for greater revenues and increased business growth. Google India reported 35 million online shoppers in 2014 and that number is expected to increase to 258 million Ecommerce users by 2020. Hence, Ecommerce proves its worth as a viable platform for brand building by sheer numbers.

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