How to Do Youtube Video SEO | Rank YouTube Video Quickly on Google

How to Do Youtube Video SEO?


YouTube is said to be the second largest search engine in entire world. Anybody who has a YouTube channel wants their videos to be on the top search. If you have a YouTube channel and you wish to make it big and earn good from it you have to use some SEO tips. In this blog post we will talk about some great video SEO tips which will help you to rank on number one.

Set up a good Video SEO strategy:

Setting a good SEO strategy is the main key when you upload your video on YouTube. It is the most inexpensive and simple method for search engine and hence your customers to look for it, watch it and rank it. This technique works for both YouTube and Google. You have to be accurate and smart to manage all your video SEO elements like the tags, thumbnails and keywords to make your YouTube marketing run effectively.


Titles are a very important key it helps your audience to know your content, so make sure to pick the correct keyword to help describing your viewers the content of your video. Always keep the titles concise. It is recommended to have less than seventy characters, as longer titles will be truncated in Google search. Do not add titles that trick the viewers to watch the video. Doing this can cause a big drop off which will impact your video negatively along with the ranking. Try including relevant and descriptive keywords in the beginning of title.


Together with the video titles, thumbnails also act as small marketing banners for the videos. The correct thumbnail attracts huge audience to see your video; hence you should customize your thumbnails to optimize your videos for SEO purpose. Represent the video content correctly. If the thumbnail is misleading, or wrong it will cause drop off which negatively impacts watch time and viewership. If you are working with animated videos, use attractive and colorful stills from the videos to stand out. While working with live action videos utilize the close ups of the faces whenever possible.

In such cases human images always attracts more attention. Utilize high resolution pictures. Low resolution video can be perceived as low quality production and audience will not click on it. Keep checking your thumbnails on various devices like ipads, desktop, TV, computers to make sure that the thumbnails are looking good everywhere. Thumbnails always look smaller on search engines. If your image is tiny people will not click on it. Do not use a picture where background competes the foreground. You just have few seconds to attract your audience so always make it simple.


Description is the most important element. Descriptions describe the audience about your video content. It appears below your video title in the search hence be sure to write important info in first two lines. After that you can add complete information and transcript the video script. Always describe the basic info regarding the video in first two sentences. Add a link to the website in first two lines. Add relevant keywords which will make the video easy to get on Google. Include links to your social sites.

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Calls to action:

CTA is an action or task that you wish your viewers to perform. Here YouTube allows you to add a CTA in form of a button on your video. It is strongly recommended to always have one CTA to attract your audience to complete the action. Request your viewers to like, comment, subscribe and share the video via CTA. Even though YouTube allows you to have a CTA clickable button it is recommended that your video must also have a CTA at end. Measure the CTA performance to know if the video campaign is effective or not.


There are a lot of reasons why you want your viewers to watch your complete video. One obvious reason is you want them to get your CTA however the other important reason is the total amount that people spend in watching your video directly impacts your YouTube rankings. In clear words if the audiences play your video but do not watch it till end YouTube considers that the video is not interesting and your place on search engine will drop off drastically. There is only one secret to high ranking and that is developing a great video. Never settle for dull scriptwriting, poor image quality, or some boring content just to get ROI. Your marketing video should be engaging, attractive and awesomely crafted.

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Tags are keywords that viewers will use to locate your video in the video search engine. Hence tags should be accurate and consistent. Always make sure you:

  1. Utilize quotes for phrases like”iphone app”.
  2. Put the most important keyword first.
  3. Include long tail keywords. When your select your tags properly, YouTube ranking result will be in your favor.

Paid promotion:  

Always keep in mind that to start video promotion on YouTube it is recommended that you should invest some amount of money in it, to give your videos some push. You can utilize YouTube paid promotion facility particularly during first few months when your video goes online. If the video is engaging and people watch it regularly YouTube will see audience interest and reward the video by placing it on top.

Dress it up:

Try to customize your YouTube channel with the help of settings, colors, themes, modules. When your channel looks appealing people like to see it even more and will get you good response. Also make sure to add a background image.

Don’t be lazy:

Try to create magnetic content on the YouTube and later optimize the videos directly on your YouTube channel. This includes uploading the video, interacting with the viewers, describing them and also sharing them. Always reply to the viewer’s requests and comments. You will not be successful until you put your time in building your presence.

All the above given SEO tips will help you in long way. Just be punctual and keep working hard.

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