Video Submission Sites List | Free Video Promotion & Sharing Websites 2019

Popular and Free Video Submission sites list: Video promotion & sharing sites.

Just imagine if an image can describe equal to thousand of words then how much a video can describe your brand’s identity and services that 2000 words of the perfect article can’t.  Video sharing or submission on high PR or DA sites is not just increasing your brand awareness but also give back highly valuable strong backlinks to your website. These days, Video submission is one of the most critical and likable content syndication strategies for creating backlinks.  Now the question is arising that if video submission is that much useful then why to submit your video on single or few countable sites?

So Here, we are presenting 50+ High DA Free Video Submission Sites List 2018 to help you to increase your website ranking by the high quality and long lasted strong backlinks.

Why Videos?

A video allows people to see who you are or more about your product. In the results of a case study on social media users, it clearly seems that video content is presently the most engaging form of content on social media. It also tells that 70% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2020. Hence we can say that video content is an essential consideration for all the brands representing themselves on social media. Also, a video backlink is high-quality backlinks which makes a substantial impact on search engines rankings.

Why should I add my video to a video sharing site?

The popularity of video submission sites is increasing day-by-day rapidly.  Therefore, the sites have an enormous number of viewers that can watch your video in a queue after watching a fun or entertainment video. As most of the video submission sites allow you to add Meta title and description which makes easy to add keywords and links related to your website to drive more traffic on your site. This also gives the answer to your question that how video submission is helpful in search engine tactics and ranking.

Here are some of the key SEO benefits of video submission.

  • Video submission is one of the best Off-page techniques to build high authority backlinks.
  • Your video on a high DA video submission sites will give you a chance to spread your message to the larger audience on these sites.
  • Not only it will give you direct or organic traffic but also increase the brand awareness.
  • Video sharing sites list and video submission sites list can help you to make the most of your marketing strategy by giving strong backlinks back to your website.
  • In addition to optimizing the ranks of the search engines, these high pr free video sharing sites list can also help in increasing sales of your product and services and promote them worldwide.
  • Videos convey that you wish to communicate something important.
  • Videos hold or engaged viewers for a larger time of period and make them understand better about you.
  • Not all but few of the high DA video sites will give you Do-follow link.

Here Find Latest Update High DA Free Video Sharing Site List 2018

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  1. Nice article, i’m new in SEO World and looking for a blog to Found very value information like you have provided fro video submissions.


  2. The sites you have shared are working and good. I’m seo executive following you from 3 months now sir. I also have used the infographics sites from your earlier post . THank you & Keep sharing. It really help us.


  3. Above links really help us to generate high-quality backlinks for our site. Thanks for sharing this list.

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