Redesign Website Without losing SEO | Website Redesign SEO Checklist 2019

How to Redesign Website without losing SEO?

Web redesigns are a great way to enhance the appeal of any website and keep it current with the times. In the fast-paced online business world, we could all do better by having the latest website that offers a far better user experience to clients than our competitors.

However, if you lose out on business because your web redesign destroys your previous SEO work, then it is not profitable at all. If you have to rebuild your SEO from scratch, then the redesign could even be disastrous.

To help you avoid these problems, get a cutting-edge website and still retain your previous SEO work, we have compiled a list of the most important factors to think of when you go for a web redesign. Here they are.

The Biggest SEO Ranking Factors 2018 to Consider When Going for a Web Redesign

1. Get a Web Crawl Going on the Present Website

The crawl is basically to help you get a good grip on your website’s structure. Your SEO has helped create a quality network of web pages and content to deliver the SEO value it holds. If you disregard the structure and jump into the redesign, then you will lose out on all that hard work.Get a crawl going and wait to plan your redesign until you get the results and have assessed them sufficiently.

2. Get a Website Audit Done

A website audit will tell you all that is best things about your website and what search engines like about it. It is imperative that you retain these parts to keep your current ranking. There are tons of things taken account of in the audit and you should get it done by an SEO expert for best results.

3. Make Sure Your New Website Isn’t Indexed When Under Development

Since a lot of your SEO will be based on your content, you probably want to retain the old bits on the new website. Before you do that, make sure your website is not indexed by Google. We say so because if it is and the content is the same, then the new website will be down ranked for having duplicate content. And we do not want that! Get your website non-indexed through the CMS before making any content additions.

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4. Make a Comparative Crawl

Before you officiate your new website, have it crawled for comparison’s sake with your old one. This will tell you all the things you got right and all the things that should get more right. Again, let the pros do the work and help you get the assessment correct. Once you have done that, implement all the necessary changes and re-crawl it. Keep repeating this process until your new website has the same or better SEO rank as the old one.

5. The Additional Factors

The steps above will take care of the big strokes. But you also need to take care of the finer details. Things like content, analytics, site blocking will all come together to give you the web rank value you wish to have. So, ensure these are looked after and corrected before you officially launch the portal.

Where Can You Get the Best SEO-Optimized Web Redesign Services?

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