Social Media Marketing trends 2019 | SMO Services in India

Social media marketing trends 2019:

SMO Services in India: Social Media has become a phenomenon like no other. Ever since the rise of Facebook and Twitter, the possibilities for marketing and business development via social media have risen immensely. The fever is such that no company that has a customer-oriented product or service can ignore it. Even B2B companies stand to get some benefit from SMO. So, it is only natural for a hefty amount of budget for online marketing being allocated to social media optimization.

The problem, however, is that SMO is more of a qualitative thing than a quantitative one. Sure, there is certainly some value to be gained from consistent postings. However, this is subject to the actual quality of the posts and how intensely they can engage audiences. You can find this trend in other digital marketing tactics as well. Spamming is simply obsolete now and the best businesses focus more on quality rather than quantity.

With that in mind, let us tell you some very essential tips for you to get great with your SMO activities:

1. Have Direct Links to Your Social Media on Your Website

For any business having a social media presence is an absolute must. So, to start off your social media marketing trends 2018-19, you should get the relevant links on your website. Normally, having Facebook and Twitter are the most popular. However, you need to not limit yourself to just these two. For more professional companies offering elite services, having a LinkedIn link is a good idea. More trendy companies can even go for if they like. However, the first two are absolutely necessary.

Having the links to your dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages enables your new clients to immediately sync in with your social media accounts. Naturally, you get the benefit of potentially getting free promotion through them. Here again, quality is the key component and without this, all SMO would be in vain. So, you need someone who knows the pulse of the market, understands how to target niches with specific posts, can get it circulated in all the right channels and eventually create a buzz around your business.

2. Be Consistent with Your Posts

Social media is a very dynamic field where posts can get old in just a matter of days. So, depending upon the availability of the right resources, your SMO team should make posts every few days. This can be stretched at max to a week. If you delay making new posts, then you risk losing out on the attention generated by the previous post.

However, this does not mean that you need to post every day either. While this tactic might work very well, it is labor-intensive and also needs to be at par with the quality standard setup by previous posts. The best thing to do is to time posts and develop them fully to get the most attention.

Also, there are several SMO apps out there that can help you create a timeline for future posts. These also include tools for ready-deployment of posts to capitalize on emergent trends. Naturally, this is a huge plus and you can essentially make all posts for a month scheduled beforehand. In case, there is a trending thing that you can profit from, the posts can be made to address them as well.

3. Don’t Forget the SEO in SMO

You might not know this, but Google doe crawl over every post made on social media and if you use the right keywords and links, then there is a big chance of you benefiting from this. Just as is the case with normal textual content on your website, SMO also needs SEO keywords to help it gain maximum outreach. So, when you make a post with the right keywords then this enables Google spiders to crawl through it. This leads them to other posts and your website. This, in turn, increases your ranking on Google and enhances your overall visibility.

Another facet of this tip is the fact that having SEO in SMO will enable people to find the posts more easily. This means that even people who don’t know about you at present will be able to find you by virtue of your keyword use. So, when a potential client uses the Search parameter on Facebook, they might get directed to your post. This may help them get to your site and eventually give you their business.

4. Engage the Audience

The ultimate purpose of social media is to allow people and companies to socialize and interact with each other. That is why it is such a useful tool for building a brand reputation as well as a community around any business. If you are able to gather a good amount of people around your pages and/or accounts, then you can use this attention to interact with them. Consider having a quiz contest or announce a season-end sale or do some other marketing tactic that pertains to your domain of business.

Doing such things will make the community around your business more interactive and inviting of new people. However, this also requires you to be in control of the accounts. So, you should only use official accounts or email ids. Also, consider getting your PR people involved in the marketing. But you should also consider whether you want your regular employees involved or not. This can both work for and against you, so exercise caution.

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Where Should You Go for Professional SMO Services?

As we have said repeatedly, social media is predicated on quality and not quantity. You could potentially derive more profit from one post that any number of others. However, it is true that those other posts will serve as a foundation for that one post that brings you big business.

Sunny Sehrawat and team are one of the best SMO Service Providers in Delhi with years of excellence in the SMO domain. Having served clients all over the world, we can provide you with exceptional SMO that stands true on both quality and quantity.

At the same time, our SMO tactics are based on the latest techniques used in this area. We also offer a wide range of digital marketing services that can help you and your business seize the top spot in your industry. If you want the best SMO services in India, Sunny Sehrawat is the best possible option as SEO Expert in Delhi you should look. Contact us now and take your social media presence to new heights.

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