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Top 5 SEO tips in 2018

SEO is the backbone of digital marketing and the core aspect of all online marketing activities. For any company to grow, it is essential that they have a great SEO strategy. Are you doing things the best way possible? If not, then check out these SEO Tips and Techniques that Work in 2018 to get you SEO game going strong:

1. Take the Good Ones Over the Edge

As an SEO expert, you will find a lot of posts you make reaching the view or likes goal but just falling short. If that is the case, then you need to make sure that whatever was lacking before is fulfilled asap. This means that you need to rework the content. More specifically, you need to increase the value that the content provides. Fill it up with stats, figures, pictures,and gifs – make sure it is interactive as well as informative. This will help you get much more attention.

2. Go Video

Digital marketing is evolving rapidly and video is the latest resources the best in the business are tapping into. As an SEO expert, you should also be looking to utilize the power of video in your posts. While you might think that SEO is all about keywords, the truth is that it is about delivering engaging content. Use the buzzwords in your video script and capture the audience that would not be reading your article otherwise.

3. Remember the 4Cs

SEO is based on building a reputation for the business through targeted activities. One of the best ways of doing that is remembering the 4Cs principle – Conditions, Creation, Circulation,and Community. This means that you need to assess the conditions, create compelling content, circulate it completely in all circuits and by doing so, build a community around your business.

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4. Make the Users Engage

This is probably the hardest thing when it comes to content. However, if you can pull it off, then you get a shower of great benefits on you. To ensure user engagement, you can follow a number of rules. First, keep your sentences short. Use catchy language according to the demographic. Use LSI keywords effectively and Offer an easy-to-get format that provides the gist in a nutshell.

5. Stay Current with Older Posts

Content creation is not just about dishing out new stuff. Rather, it is about evolving ideas and seeing how things progress. So, you can tap into your previous posts and ensure that they pertain to the present times. To do so, just add more content in a similar vein and engage customers with newer keywords. This will save you the time taken to create new content while also giving your posts greater revisit value as well as continuity.

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