How to increase organic traffic on website – Web Master Tool Tricks 2018

7 Ways to Increase Traffic To Your Website

Web Master tool Magic Tricks:

1. Add a Sitemap to help Google index relevant pages

A Sitemap is like an index of a book which helps Google to indexed your website structure in search engine. There are many tools by which you can add these sitemaps on your website manually. Webmaster is one of the best among them. One can also use WordPress plugins to do the same. A sitemap outlines the structure of your website so it’s very important to add sitemaps in your blog or website to indexed by google and increasing the organic traffic on your website.

Note : You have to add video sitemap for your website videos. This allow Google to index video rather than redirecting visitors off to YouTube or similar sites.

2.  Optimize Existing Posts to Increase Traffic

You can review the keywords to improve it and generate better results. Under search queries In the traffic section Google shows you the keywords that are used to find your website and the position in the search results. You can use these keywords to generate more organic traffic to improve ranking in search engines.

In the above image there are some search terms (keywords) searched by the visitors that are appearing in search results but not many people are clicking on these results.  For example,  Google Keyword tool appeared 2,500 times and got less than 10 clicks. I have a blog post directly relevant to this so I should be getting clicks.

Now, there is question raised that How can we use Google Keyword Tool to Increase Traffic to your blog?

There are some short and simple ways by which you can increase your website traffic by using Google Keyword tool.

a) Linking from another post to this blog post.  In this post I have linked to the post using the keywords ‘How to increase traffic on your website?’, that will help Google understand what this post is about.

b) Change the title.  The words at the start of a title are more important than the words at the end so I’ve updated the title to the following which will help:

At the beginning this keyword will help.

c)  On of the best way of increasing ranking will be to getting links back from external websites that have these search terms (keywords) in the post.

3. Tidy up your sitelinks

When Google starts liking your site it displays a few additional links within the search results as follows when you search “Facebook” in Google search engine:

These site links are automatically created by Google but you can have some control on them by Webmaster Tool. You can demote up to 100 different links so gives you a better chance of putting in  the best links.  By demoting links that are not useful this should help point out the better links and you’ll get more clicks.

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4. Resolve any HTML Errors

Google reports on some HTML errors that will effect the indexing of your site so it’s important to resolve these issues.  If you resolve these issues this will improve the chances of getting more traffic to your site.

In the above example the description tag (which is displayed when someone searches) is duplicated on some posts. This needs to be resolved.  Quite often you will find some Titles that are duplicated which should be resolved also.

5. Resolve any server errors

It is not going to do you any benefit having server errors and it’s likely that it will cause your harm.

The following shows errors returned for content that should not be indexed.  So to resolve these issues I had to block access to this directory from google.

One way to tell Google not to index content is to update the file robots.txt.  This file is read by Google when it attempts to index that site.  If I wanted to remove access to the plugins directory I’d enter the following: disallow: /wp-content/plugins

6. Implement Geographic Targeting

If a website has a generic top-level domain (e.g. .com, .org) then you can inform Google what is your main country that you want to target.  This can improve the ranking based on this country.

Note:  If you really want to target a specific country ideally you should have your website located on a server in that country also.

7.  Remove Bad Links!

Google recently released an addition to webmaster which allows you to remove bad links to the page.  If Google has notified you that you have some unnatural links you need to consider removing them using the disavow tool.

Generally you would only use this tool if Google reports that you have some unnatural linking on your website.  If you login to Google and get a message similar to the following then using the disavow tool will help:

“We have detected that some of the links pointing to your site are using techniques outside of Google Webmaster guidelines”

So make sure to remove links to your site that Google doesn’t like otherwise this will reduce the traffic you get.   Deciding what links are damaging and worth deleting is another blog post!


Google provides lots of valuable information in Google webmaster tools so it’s important to monitor it and make any relevant changes.  Making sure all issues are resolved and it’s configured correctly can help drive additional traffic to your website so it’s well worth spending the time doing it.

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